This is a new one…

Writing clears one’s thought. And it is true from what I have seen. So, I’ve decided to write more everyday. This is a beginning of my journey that I had decided to start long ago, but it’s never too late to follow through.

Over the last few years I’ve noticed that my writing is free flowing as I’m writing more and more. Now, I want to get better at it. Write  with susbtance and punch.

I’ve read good emails and bad emails in corporate dealings everday. The good ones stand out and makes the person sending look professional and of susbtance. The bad ones are opposite of it.

My emails have improved a lot. I want to get even better at it. People might forget what you said but what you have sent in writing remains.

So, here’s to a new beginning….

Gettogether with a Friend after 12 years

friends havingfunSimple Investing Summary: Reconnecting with friends might help rejuvenate your life.  Have a little fun and enjoy!

A friend from my college days was in town over the weekend to attend some business meetings. I did my masters in computer science with this guy so we’ve spent a lot of time together during our college days several years ago. Over the number of years, we lost touch but we knew that we could always get back in touch through other common friends if we wanted. Time just went by so quickly and we took it for granted. Hindsight is always 20-20.  Lesson learned – reconnect with friends, especially the once you were close to once upon a time.

Well, it was just phenomenally great meeting him after all these years. He looked the same and I learned I hadn’t changed either. It’s just that we both had celebrated 12 more birthdays in the years gone by. Two other friends also joined for dinner and drinks that evening. Continue reading

Beginning of a New Simple Journey

new beginningThe beginning is hard sometimes, but it’s required to move forward. Without starting an endeavor or anything for that matter, how can anyone accomplish anything? With this post, I claim my “beginning” of a new journey to build a meaningful platform to share and learn.

I’ve started several projects with varied level of complexity and challenges and have seen about 30% of them through completion.  There were beginnings and ends for these projects.  Remaining 70% of the projects/ideas were left incomplete because I failed in a few of them or there wasn’t enough benefit in pursuing them. Continue reading