Own shares of Yandex, Exxon Mobile and ASPS in my Portfolio

I’ve owned Yandex (YNDX) in my personal and IRA portfolio for quite some time. Due the current situation in Russia the stock has taken a beating but overall the company fundamentals and business model remains strong. After all they are “google” of Russia.

yndx 3315

Exxon Mobile (XOM) was added to my personal portfolio couple of weeks back. The turmoil in the oil market will subside sooner rather than later and the market leadership of Exxon will reflect in the stock price quickly. The stock price has held it value although crude oil had tumbled over 50% in the last 7 months.

xom 3315


Altisource Property Management (ASPS) has dropped very hard in the recent months. I bought this stock a few weeks back to diversify and add mix of real estate in the portfolio.

asps 3315

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