Gettogether with a Friend after 12 years

friends havingfunSimple Investing Summary: Reconnecting with friends might help rejuvenate your life.  Have a little fun and enjoy!

A friend from my college days was in town over the weekend to attend some business meetings. I did my masters in computer science with this guy so we’ve spent a lot of time together during our college days several years ago. Over the number of years, we lost touch but we knew that we could always get back in touch through other common friends if we wanted. Time just went by so quickly and we took it for granted. Hindsight is always 20-20.  Lesson learned – reconnect with friends, especially the once you were close to once upon a time.

Well, it was just phenomenally great meeting him after all these years. He looked the same and I learned I hadn’t changed either. It’s just that we both had celebrated 12 more birthdays in the years gone by. Two other friends also joined for dinner and drinks that evening. These two guys are local to my area so I happen to meet them every now and then. Four of us came together after aeons. There was just so much to catch up… we started with asking each other who else they were in touch with and what others were doing. Some of the names that surfaced during that conversation brought back some really old memories.

Facebook and other social media had enabled this guy to keep in touch with a lot more people. He is more of a passive facebooker i.e. more interested in getting everyone’s updates rather than providing his owns.  I know a few people who do that. Next up, there were conversations about classes, grades, assignments and some of the professors. We remembered a few of the memorable grades like B- and Cs instead of the more often As. I guess for some reason the attachments with results that were below your expectations after working very hard sticks with us.

We went on five hours and during that time the whole of the college life was recapped in fast forward at 2X speed… like they say… time flies when you are having fun. Go meet your friends; the older the friendship perhaps the sweeter the rewards might be.

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