Hi, Welcome to Simplex Investing a community platform for sharing thoughts and ideas on simple investments for a prosperous life. The purpose of the information and discussion here is to keep financial investing simple and along the way highlight some of the other day-to-day aspects of life such career, family, friends, society and more.

You will find interesting posts once a week on:

  • how to invest and trade stock market
  • invest in real estates, savings accounts, CDs
  • alternative investments like online peer-to-peer lending
  • career advice from personal experiences

One of the goals is to constantly improve by connecting, collaborating and learning from each other.


Below are the guidelines I’ll follow for investing and trading in stocks:

  • Create strategies that align with the current market conditions
  • Execute trades within strategies and risk tolerance
  • Analyze each trade and learn from it
  • Keep things very simple

I hope you’ll find this platform useful and will help in keeping it interactive by providing your feedback and comments.

“Invest in you and others for a better tomorrow for everyone”.


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  1. Invest in stocks .Do not trade.But a investor becomes trader when he tracks the stocks daily.Tries to become smart to exit when in profits and think to buy again at lower levels.From here he starts his journey as trader & do more trades to earn more & more.

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