Loving it after 6 months at a new job

The new gig is going well. 6 months have gone by and it’s finally sinking in. Work is good and people are decent. This is it.

First couple of weeks were terrible – lot’s of frustration and anger all around, everything was not right. Now, there were good reasons for it, but I couldn’t figure out initially how to make it happen. Slowly, things started turning around. I proved I could do thing and the value add was there to prove it. I was making meaningful contributions and started feeling the overall vibe. It was hard, but it was worth going through those few weeks. It helped me cement my relationships with key people and build the momentum to keep going.

The conversations have sparked a strong bond amongst the team and it’s going to last. Because of my change in attitude, values and beliefs, the environment around me started to look a lot different. Suddenly, everything seemed possible.

So, keep going! This is it.

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