Slowing the Mind

At any given time there is so much going on in the mind. Thoughts are giggling in each and every corner of the cranium at million miles per hour. You’ll be amazed by the anatomy of what that little brain of yours can and can’t do.

So, how does anyone function in this fast paced ‘always on’ world of ours? Do you keep battling 97 priorities at any given moment, or you focus on just 15? Still a lot, but that’s what it takes to survive in today’s world. Maybe, 15 is too much, but you get the point. There is a lot going on these days.

Keeping oneself sane is hard. And hard is difficult to overcome.

To meditate and focus on the present moment is one of the remedy proposed by many saints and learned men. Taking deep breathes in-and-out when the mind goes awry does wonders. Try it. The flow of additional oxygen to the pound-and-a-half grey matter has magical effects.

Live in the moment and avoid overthinking. Easier said than done, but doing it is the only way to move forward and learn what works for you. Freely available advice and information is plenty. What you parse out of it and implement for your own good is what matters.

What are you going to do to slow your mind? Are you willing to implement any technique that you’ve read about, heard of, or seen somewhere? That’s the first step. What are you waiting for?

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