Presidents’ Day Holiday

The long weekends early in the year in January and February are like a bonus – you get the regular paycheck, but then there is also additional bonus. After all the year-end holidays, MLK holiday in early January and then Presidents Day Holiday in February are bonus holidays.

The day turned out to be nice! Weather was mild wintry, sun was shinning bright, and I was home alone. Started the day around 7 with stretch and regular morning routine. Then I worked on the blog project. Configured a new theme which looks cleaner.

This was my third day in the row going to the gym. Muscles are getting used to working out and I’m feeling good after a good workout. I should continue the gym routine for my physical and mental health.

Lunch was leftovers, but it tasted better than fresh cooked meal. All the exercise had me exhausted.

I decided to take it to next level in terms of working out the body. Since the weather was good and I craved for sun, I went for walk in the equestrian park. It was a long hard walk. For the last 20 minutes of walk, I couldn’t move, I was tired. I just wanted to give in. But I finished the whole loop and got back home.

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