Library and Gym

It’s Sunday and sunny outside in winter. Morning routine was good at home. Eat lunch and went to the library to return some books and spend time in my favorite corner, which I like a lot lately.

Picked up some books for sale to read and browsed through them. Wanted to buy 1 but then decided not to break the $10 bill for $1 book. I might pick up the book if still available next week. There happened to be a book on Anger and Compassion that piqued my interest. Since this morning’s incident and earlier writing, I feel like there is something the universe is trying to tell me.

Don’t be angry all the time. Have a heart.

I’m going to think about this a lot over the next few days. I’ll try to study my behavior, tweak it and see the results. I hope something positive results.

From the library I went straight to the Gym. There was only 1 other soul in the gym. I was surprised. Maybe people don’t want to exercise on Sunday afternoon after lunch. Well, since I’m new to this gym business, it’s something I have to learn and get used to – the timing, the crowd, the exercises. The workout was nice. I’m building the muscles required to feel fit. I’m stretching, lifting some weights, doing cardio and more.

The energy after the effort put in is amazing. I love it.

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