It’s been a struggle all along

Humans are unique; no two person are alike. Each one of us have our own personality that defines us. Some are nice, not-so-nice, and completely opposite of nice.

How one reacts to life circumstances defines how far one can go. It’s ingrained is us that we should like everyone and be nice to everyone. This does make sense to a large extent. But, how come I can’t align to this philosophy. My personality is wired in a strange way I supposed. I’m told I get angry quickly and don’t care much about others.

It seems to be true. I’m finding that out more and more as days pass by. On a personal level I haven’t been supper nice to friends and family. At professional level I’m still where I was 15 years ago.

So, the question is what do i have to do to become somebody. I want to be somebody!