4 Step Action Plan for Setting and Achieving your Goal

goals settingSimple Investing Summary: your goals set you apart from the crowd.  Goal setting could be difficult at first but once you start down that path you won’t stop.  Trust me!

“an idea is just a DREAM until you write it down…THEN it’s a goal”.

I had an idea of simplifying investing. I started this blog to channel my thoughts and ideas into written word to solidify my goals. If you benefit from this, even better. I’m looking forward to hearing what your goals are and what you are doing to accomplish them. Best wishes in your quest for prosperity. You will be successful,  putting pen-to-paper and writing it gets you started.

Your Dream + Action Steps + Target Dates = GOAL

Action plan for setting and achieving your goals: Continue reading

Buying Stocks with Paper Money and Performance

paper money

Simple Investing Summary: learning through paper money is important but don’t always expect the same results in funded account with real money.

Investing in the market with paper money a.k.a simulated accounts, the performance is phenomenally different than with real money. Real money meaning money with which you can buy things, pay rent, travel, and more.
I’m a fan and proponent of getting a new investor/trader started with a simulated account first for a few months. This allows them the opportunity the learn about the markets, trading system to place orders, reactions to company announcements and news, etc. Continue reading

Beginning of a New Simple Journey

new beginningThe beginning is hard sometimes, but it’s required to move forward. Without starting an endeavor or anything for that matter, how can anyone accomplish anything? With this post, I claim my “beginning” of a new journey to build a meaningful platform to share and learn.

I’ve started several projects with varied level of complexity and challenges and have seen about 30% of them through completion.  There were beginnings and ends for these projects.  Remaining 70% of the projects/ideas were left incomplete because I failed in a few of them or there wasn’t enough benefit in pursuing them. Continue reading