Traded stocks and it went well

This past week while holding onto the crude long, I traded stocks. It went quite well. The stock picking was momentum based from $3 to $12 range. Most of the stocks were from biotech sector that bounced on some news on a particular day.

BPTH stock netted $1200 dollars. I just happened to be in this stock and next day morning it bounced higher. Got in at $13 – next day got out at $19 at open, it went as high as $64 in 2 hours. Speculation at it’s peak.

Opened a new account at different firm to efficiently manage stocks for day trading. The commissions are low and it offers API connection and more robust trading platform. Gradually, I’ll move funds from other accounts to this new account.

Ended the week with $1500 in stocks. Holding onto crude futures with paper loss of $400.

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