Something has to give

Too many options hamper decision making. Limit the options to make things simpler in life. It could be buying something, selling, electing courses in college, which job to take amongst multiple offers, which stock to sell and when, etc.

When you have a good thing going for you, looking for something even better is hard. There are unknowns which hampers the process of making the next decision. It wears mind down. It’s stressful.

But going through this rig-o-morel could help you come out stronger on the other end. Don’t delay and face the situation head-on. Then and only then you will know what you are capable of doing. There is risk in taking on a new endeavor. Without plunging into the new situation how would you know what’s out there?

The current state is comfortable and easy. Why bother you may say? I like where I am right now. Okay, fine. Then try to make the most of it. Continue to grow in your current place. Just don’t remain stagnant. Take new initiatives and learn, build new skills. Become more valuable and marketable.

On the other hand a new opportunity brings new challenges, new people and a new beginning. There is excitement and energy to for a fresh start. Build new relationships, forge bonds, and grow professionally and personally.

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