Got out of overnight trade, closed 1 more

Was holding a position from yesterday’s trading. Overnight it went in other direction quite a bit and then retraced somewhat to where I had seen it the previous day. As the trading session opened the price spiked little bit but not as much as I had thought. The price action seemed strong overall.

I left my exit order at breakeven from yesterdays buy and closed the platform. The price hit my target and went further for another 10 ticks. I was just glad to be out of the trade.

The price fell down after that and I was expecting that.

Placed another trade at midpoint price towards closing. It retraced just a little and moved up as I was expecting. Bounced around little bit and then hit my target.

2/27/2019 10:26 (buy)57.3
2/28/2019 9:33 (sell) 57.31 +1 tick
2/28/2019 12:53 (buy)56.99
2/28/2019 13:28 (sell)57.23+24 ticks
Total Net$240

Lessons learned:

  1. Place a trade when there is time to watch it after studying the price action
  2. Need to manage the trade and not leave it on for overnight sessions.
  3. Some days the market can show where it wants to go and do – pay attention

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