Beginning of a New Simple Journey

new beginningThe beginning is hard sometimes, but it’s required to move forward. Without starting an endeavor or anything for that matter, how can anyone accomplish anything? With this post, I claim my “beginning” of a new journey to build a meaningful platform to share and learn.

I’ve started several projects with varied level of complexity and challenges and have seen about 30% of them through completion.  There were beginnings and ends for these projects.  Remaining 70% of the projects/ideas were left incomplete because I failed in a few of them or there wasn’t enough benefit in pursuing them.

Simplex Investing was started to make myself accountable for all my investing decisions. Instead of capturing my notes in a book, I’m publishing it online. I’m successful in some aspects of investing and there are areas I need to learn more about. Learning should never cease!

I remember there was a time when my portfolio went up $22,000 in one day (50% increase), and there have been days where the downside has been 20% – 30%. Since then I’ve managed to control volatility in my portfolio.

I know many successful people and I’ve observed one of their differentiating factor is that they “did” something.  They began!  Also, I know people who like to talk big but don’t have any substance to offer. They never begin or accomplish anything meaningful.

Success is a relative. Something I might call success might not necessarily be considered success for somebody else. Everyone’s views and perceptions are different and that’s what makes us all unique.

My beginning success will be measured by:

  • Ability to maintain this website on a regular basis and interact with the community
  • Provide simple ideas on investing and build an online presence
  • 15% portfolio growth

I invite you to participate here. What is your beginning? Start and finish something new; it could be as simple as writing an email or calling a friend whom you’ve lost touch with.

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