How to Select a Name for Business

Simple Investing Summary: select a name very carefully.  It can potentially help propel and shine more light on a new beginning.

What’s in the name? It’s very simple – a lot.
Name of business should say everything about it. There has to be some reason why a business was named the way it is. If someone is unable to tell a convincing story behind the name, I would be hesitant doing any business there.
For an online blog like this the name is even more important. People remember names and associate business, place, things, person, etc. with a name that is easy to remember and catchy.

Then there is also SEO (search engine optimization) and ability to be found easily online that needs to be considered. After having spent days/weeks coming up with a name, one has to keep fingers-and-toes crossed while checking domain name availability online to register for a website.

It’s just not easy to secure domain name these days. Pretty much everything one can think of is taken. Creativity and out the box thinking plays off. With the availability new top-level domains like .business, . tv, .blog, etc. new possibilities have emerged, but the good old .com is still the preferred extension.

What all steps have you gone through to select a name? Remember, don’t rush, consult others but in the end pick what you like the best.

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